Clean Energy Options.

Clean Energy Sources

Every day, the world produces carbon dioxide, which is released into the earth’s atmosphere; where it will cause damage for a hundred years. High amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the temperature of the planet. Many believe that the energy we use today, like petroleum, is the cause of global warming.

Today’s power plants are the cause of more than 50,000 deaths in America every year from its airborne particulate matter. Scientists believe by using renewable clean energy that produces little to no CO2, or air pollutants, is the answer.

Solar power
Solar power is the process of sunlight being converted into electricity. Solar power is one of the best-known resources of energy for the future. By 2050, the world’s energy will be one-third solar power according to the two the biggest oil companies. Just one hour of the sun beaming on the earth’s outer crust is enough energy to power all the homes in the world for one year. Energy from the sun is clean and renewable and produces small amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutants.

Wind energy
Wind energy or power is when the wind is used to generate mechanical power such as electricity. Wind is a clean non-polluting source of energy as well. Unlike today’s power plants, wind plants do not emit air pollution or carbon dioxide. A study from the Department of Energy found that California’s wind mills cut emissions more than two billion pounds of CO2 and 15 million pounds of other greenhouse gases. Wind power is one of the fastest growing alternative energy sources throughout the world, including Africa.

Tidal Energy
Another form of energy from the ocean is tidal energy. Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into usable and clean power. The great thing about this form of alternative energy is that tides are predictable. Water is 832 times more dense than air, which means water moving at eight knots can produce more energy than winds gusting at 380kph. Tidal energy is a cheap and clean alternative energy and is more safe than solar power.
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