Electrical Governing Bodies Australia

Australian Electrical Governing Bodies

Australian Electrical Governing Bodies, Master Electricians Australia and the National Electrical Communications Association (NECA), provide oversight in conjunction with electrical contractors and other professionals to bind professional licensure with governance, training with consumer service.

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is an ECA Group association for specialists working as electricians and technicians. ECA Group is a corporation committed to ensuring that Australia’s commercial and consumer electrical markets are served by fully licensed and trained electrical technicians and other specialists in the field. MEA accredits electrical contractors in the necessary technical and business skills required to keep them at the forefront of the trade.

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is the national electrotechnology contracting industry affiliation and governing body of electrical and communications contracting. The latter organisation represents the interests of electrical and communications contractors Australia-wide.

MEA and NECA offer guidelines to best practice for contractors working in the electrotechnology industry. Advice, information and practical tools for risk management and sustainable profitability are part of the joint mission. A specialist recommendation is offered in industrial relations, occupational health and safety (OHS) and technology management. Training for accreditation is in support of professionals

aligned with industrial matters across jurisdictions and territories.

Affiliation in Australia’s national governing associations means that the needs and entitlements of contractors operating at all levels of industry and government are recognised. Members are also provided with OHS updates, training workshop announcements and alerts to changes in industrial and legislative requirements in the construction and electrotechnology industries.

NECA also supports a partnership with the Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS) created to serve Cabler Registration requirements mandated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Participation is designed to collaborate on community and cabling industry safeguards in preservation and risk reduction to network integrity and standards of workmanship.

Senior level personnel at MEA and NECA work on a variety of issues dedicated to OHS and industrial relations, legislation, training, technology and environmental regulation. Strategic direction provided to national lobbying expertise and extended professional networks is in the common interest of the electrotechnology sector.

For more information visit the MEA website: http://www.masterelectricians.com.au/

And the NACM website: http://neca.asn.au/

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