Ethernet over Power

Tired of Wi-Fi? Ethernet by Power Line Might Be For You

There are several ways to set up a home network, from Wi-Fi to running cables to the computers and printers in your home. There are, of course, pros and cons to each type of network, but there are other options available. One method is by setting up an Ethernet by a power line. Ethernet by power line works by transmitting the data across the electrical wires already in your home.

To set up this sort of network, all you have to do is attach a receiver box to each power outlet, then run a cable from each receiver to your computers and printers on your network. Compared to other wired networks, Ethernet by power line requires fewer cables.

There are several advantages to this form of networking. One major advantage that the power line networks are generally easy to set up, with the user only having to plug in the receiver box to the power outlet. Unlike Wi-Fi networks, there is no need to log into the router with complex networking settings, nor do you have to manipulate equally complex settings on your computer. Instead, it is as simple as plugging the receiver box into an outlet.

Most people do not have a phone line in every room, but every room has multiple power outlets, letting you access the network from any room in the house. Ethernet by power line is also attractive due to the low cost involved.

Other types of networks require expensive routers and potentially other network devices, but Ethernet by power line is relatively inexpensive. The cost is usually within the $50-60 range, which generally includes two receiver boxes for computers and one receiver designed for a printer, and additional receiver boxes cost approximately $40. This type of networking does not increase your electric bill as it doesn’t require additional power.

In the early days of Ethernet by a power line, there was little standardisation between the various manufacturers. In fact, if you were not careful, it was possible to purchase additional receiver boxes that were incompatible with your originals. Ethernet by power line has come a long way since then.

When Ethernet by power line was introduced, Netgear came out with a package with claims of fast internet speeds, but the devices never lived up to the hype. Recent improvements to the technology, however, have increased the speed and reliability of power line networks with speeds up to 12 MPS.

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