How to reduce your electricity bills.

How to reduce your electricity bills

Learning how to stretch the dollar every payday is on everyone’s mind today. It is a fact that we need to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The real question is how can we have the comforts of home and economize at the same time? The electricity bill faithfully comes every month and it has to paid. There are ways to do this without breaking the bank.

It is wise to have have a certified technician do an annual check on your homes heating and air-conditioning system. If this is not functioning to optimum performance, your losing energy. Over a period of time this will add up and electric bills will soar. It is equally important that all filters are checked monthly. Air flow can be reduced by dust and dirt that accumulate over time.

Learning to program the thermostat can lower the energy bill considerably. It needs to be comfortable during the summer, and allowing higher daytime temperatures can help. Using ceiling fans always cut the temperature a few degrees. During the winter months it is better to have cooler temperatures. Studies have shown that cooler temperatures are better for a good nights sleep. By setting the temperature lower at night it is better for your health and your pocketbook.

Most people don’t even consider that using a power strip can save money. When the appliances are not in use, the power strip can be turned off cutting down on residential electricity use. Always unplug cellphone chargers and other gadgets. They may seem small, but they can generate a lot of heat and drain the energy quickly.

In the summer months use a crock pot to cook your meals. This will save money and keep the home cooler in those warmer climates. If you have to use your oven, thaw the food first. The cooking time will be shorter. When preparing food, make more than needed and freeze another meal for future use.

Electric companies are trying to help families save money on their energy bills. They can give you tips and advise you if there is a budget plan in your location. This may include a plan that allows you pay the same amount each month. Remember to turn the lights out when you leave a room and that will help reduce the electric bill.

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