Internet Service Provider

How to Find the Right Internet Service Provider

There are many options available for Internet service these days and it can be more confusing than ever when trying to decide which to go with. It doesn’t have to be confusing though. There are four main points to consider:

Availability — most urban areas have cable and DSL available to choose from. Some rural areas have both as well, but others only have satellite, cellular or dial-up Internet options. Once the options are known, cost is considered.

Cost — cable and DSL providers tend to price their services comparatively. Wireless service through the cellular providers and the satellite options are still fairly high in price and they aren’t nearly as fast as cable or DSL. Unless there is no other choice, cable and DSL are the best options when considering cost.

Speed — the world is moving toward everything being online. Many households have at minimum one computer, one gaming console, an MP3 player and one cell phone. Cable still offers faster speeds than DSL, but DSL providers often limit the amount of people on a node which means consistent speeds. However, DSL doesn’t work as well in houses with old lines.

The Fine Print — many companies offer promotions with discounted rate if you sign up for a set term, usually 12 months. Others offer discounts if you bundle TV, phone and Internet services, but it can be difficult to cancel one of them later without incurring fees. Pay special attention to data transfer limits. A provider may give you 30 Mbps download speeds but cap the amount of data you can send and receive in a month.

Find a balance between cost and speed and the choice should be simple. Finally, if you’re considering business applications, expect the price and stability of the connection to increase.
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