IXL Bathroom Heat Lamps.

IXL Bathroom Heat Lamps

More and more consumers are recognizing the benefits of going green. Conserving energy in the wintertime for many Sydney residents has been made possible using IXL bathroom heat lamps. All of the heat lamps meet the 5 star energy rating standard, including classic, Eco and Easy Duct models. Using this multifunctional product can offer money-saving energy benefits in the following ways:

Benefits of Using IXL Bathroom Heat Lamps

1) The IXL heat lamp uses dual back draught flaps that close automatically to prevent heat loss
from your bathroom when the exhaust fan is not running.

2) The IXL prevents draughts from coming into your bathroom via the ceiling.

3) Draws odours, steam, pollutants and allergens outside of your home by means of a specially
constructed in-line ducting system which can reduce moisture build up and mould growth.

4) The ducting of the IXL fitting requires less space to install than a conventional heating duct
system, and is compatible with the most simple to the most complex housing designs.

5) The heat lamps meet the specifications outlined in Australia’s building codes that state that
exhaust fans must be fitted with shutters to prevent back draught.

6) The Easy Duct Tastics model is the ideal choice when the heat lamp’s exhaust fan has to be
extended to the outside of your home.

7) The lamps do more than just heat your bathroom, rather they are specifically designed to dry you
off as you step out of the shower.

8) Heat emission from the heat lamps is instantaneous.

Fluorescent Lights Reduces Costs and Provides Aesthetic Appeal for IXL Bathroom Heat Lamps

Models of the IXL Eco and Easy Duct Tastics, are truly cleverly designed products that provide brilliant, fluorescent light even when the heat lamps aren’t needed, using almost 75% less electricity than their incandescent light counterparts. The aesthetics of the heat lamps is also remarkable. The IXL units provide elegant visual space to your ceiling and are fitted with sleek globes that can easily blend in with any decor layout in your bathroom while providing adequate lighting for you to take care of everyday grooming.

All IXL heat lamp models are manufactured in Australia which reduces energy consumption when they are ready to be shipped out to retail stores. Consumers who are ready to buy IXL bathroom heat lamps can do so online with wholesalers such as TLE , Turks or Bunnings warehouse.

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