Kitchen and Bathroom Rennovations

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The onset of winter brings minute flaws in your home’s design to the forefront. Your hard, icy bathroom floor and cold, stiff towels make for a chilling return to reality after the scalding escapism of a hot shower. Entering your kitchen for an evening snack, you curse the darkness of the early-setting sun for

making it so difficult to find food and kitchen gadgets in your cabinets. Your body, weary from the cold, watches helplessly as the nutrients you know you need boil slowly out of vegetables on your gas-powered stove top.

You decide it is time to undertake some simple renovations so that your house can become a more perfect shelter from the cold.

Bathroom renovations eliminate the problem of cold floors and towels. Floor heating, powered by radiant cables beneath your bathroom floor, protects bath-warmed feet from chilling first steps as you leave your tub. These waterproof cables can be installed as under-floor mats, within existing concrete slabs or in newly-poured concrete. Floor heaters can be added to every room in your house, putting an end to cold-footed winter meanderings.

Heated towel rails warm your towels as you shower so that warm feelings continue after you turn off the hot-water faucet. Wall-mounted heated towel rails are available for easy towel storage.

Cabinet lighting ensures accuracy and safety as you look through your kitchen in dark winter nights. The visibility provided by LED lamps embedded in your cabinets guides your hands to find what you are looking for while avoiding surprise encounters with sharp objects. Cabinet lighting adds a fresh ambience to your renovated kitchen, intensifying your cooking experience and making dinner guests feel at ease.

Using a steam oven helps to keep your body nourished after energy-draining winter excursions. Steaming ovens use hot, pressure-free steam that fully cooks meats and vegetables without the nutrient- and flavor-diminishing effects of boiling water and pressure cookers. You can make this wholesome cooking method a permanent fixture of your renovated kitchen by installing a steamer right into your kitchen counter.

An induction cook top cooks quicker and with more energy efficiency than standard gas- or electric-powered stoves. Beneath a smooth, black ceramic surface runs an alternating current that induces a magnetic field that directly warms ferromagnetic pots and pans without the use of open flames. During the winter, when gas bills are already high, induction cooking helps to reduce energy costs.
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