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Loss of Power or Lights

Loss of Power or LightsThere is nothing worse than coming home or waking up and finding you have lost power to your house or flat. So what exactly causes this. Firstly a lot of these faults surface following periods of heavy rain. External light fittings, power points, or even junction boxes are all suspects here. With most safety switches all they need is 30mA to be triggered, which is barely anything. But that's why these devices are designed. They need to pick up the smallest of faults before they become a bigger issue. Old cabling can also be a common cause here. When they have been connected to and old power point for a long time it can form a greasy residue between the contacts, this will also automatically trip it. The other reason for breakers tripping can be the circuit is over loaded, might be an extra heater or hair dryer. But one too many appliances on the same circuit will cause the breaker to trip.