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House Rewires

House RewiresOne thing you won't see in your house or flat is the wiring that supplies all your electrical devices, or at least you shouldn't be able to see it. Getting your house rewired won't necessarily improve the look of your house. It's not like a new air conditioner or flat screen TV that you can sit and enjoy once it's done. It's more for piece of mind that you and your family live in a safer environment. Old cable is a hazard and is a common cause of house fires and electric shock. I constantly come across properties that still have the bare aluminum cable protected by cloth and enclosed in metal conduit. There is several issues with this, first there generally is no earth attached and secondly the conduit gets broken and leaves exposed cables. I hate this wiring and we've made it a policy not to connect onto it. Not only can it not withstand any additional load but it's an extreme hazard for fire and electric shock.