Sensor Lights

The Great Benefits of Sensor Lights

Night is the time criminals prefer to ply their trade. The cover of darkness helps to shield them from being detected and recognized. A thief, or worse, approaching a home in the dark has his motives brought into the light of day when a sensor light is activated. The safest choice for the criminal is to run away. That is just one benefit Clipsal Sensor Lights offer for homes.

Reasons to Install Sensor Lights

Light is right where it is needed when a home’s occupants come home after dark. Step into the field of detection and the lights come on. The sensors detect vehicles as well as people. They can be adjusted to ignore small animals. Modern lights can be set to stay on for a preset period of time and to remain on as long as movement is detected in the area.

Most only think of motion detecting lights being used outdoors. However, there are models for use inside the home too. They are great for use in bathrooms and hallways. The lights come on and stay on as long as the area is occupied, and they go off when no one is present. This is very convenient when coming home while carrying items and not having a free hand to turn on the lights in the entryway. It is also very convenient to not have to fumble for a switch in a hallway or bathroom at night.

How Sensor Lights Work

The Clipsal brand of sensor lights provide sensor models that will detect motion in a 90 degree field of view of the sensor. They can also detect movement at 110 degrees and even 360 degrees. The sensor type depends on the application. Clipsal lights work using passive infrared and ultrasonic waves to detect movement. Once movement is detected, the lights that the sensor is connected to will turn on.

A commercial area may need 360 degree sensors to detect movement in a large area. When a person walks into the area, the lights come on for a preset amount of time. When no activity is detected for the predetermined time, the lights will then shut off automatically until movement is detected again.

The sensors are capable of controlling different types of lights from standard incandescent to LED lighting. Everything from a large room full of fluorescent lights to incandescent floodlights at the eave of a home can be set to automatically come on when movement is detected. Other applications include garages, laundry rooms, offices and kitchens.
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