House Smoke Alarms in Australia

Smoke alarms are needed in houses in Australia because they can prevent deaths and injuries. Smoke alarms provide an early warning about smoke and fire and help homeowners protect their property.

The Development Act of 1993 requires homeowners and landlords to install smoke alarms and make that they are functional. Australian building code requires 240-volt system. They can purchase them at department, hardware and electrical stores, as well as security and fire protection companies. Information about types of smoke alarms and power sources in Australia is below.

Photoelectric- this type of alarm detects smoke before it bursts into flames. It is also capable of detecting slow-burning smouldering fires while the air is still breathable.

Ionisation- an ionisation smoke alarm is designed to warn about the smoke that comes from the flames of actual fire. It is able to detect quick flaming fires.

Hardwired 9 volt- this power source option is 240 volts powered along with a 9-volt backup battery. The battery must be replaced annually.

Hardwired lithium- this option has 240 volts and a lithium powered battery back-up that is rechargeable.

Homeowners and landlords can maintain the highest level of protection by installing smoke alarms in all of the bedrooms of

property. They should also be in all corridors and hallways that lead to exits and main living areas. The best choice is the photoelectric smoke alarm. Details about smoke alarm maintenance are below.

Every month- you should test all of your smoke alarms monthly. Make sure that the battery and alarm sounder are functional.

Every six months- clean your smoke alarm with a vacuum. This process removes dust particles that can interfere with the alarm’s performance. You should also charge your 9-volt battery.

Yearly- replace all removable alkaline batteries.

Every ten years- replace your smoke alarm unit every ten years because their sensitivity reduces over time. The serial number indicates the age of the alarm.

Smoke alarms are an important element of fire safety and prevention. You should install them in your home to detect the presence of smoke and give early warning to occupants so that they can escape a fire.
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