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TV, Phone and Data

TV, Phone and DataMost new homes nowadays have more than their fair share of TV, phone and data cables running throughout them. Smart homes are what they are commonly referred to. With such a big demand for hard wired internet points it has become common practice to have a designated point in each room. When adding extra internet, phone and data points to older houses it in not always as easy. Access can be restricted and people generally don't want cables draped from wall to wall. If you are looking for a cheap way to set a home computer network you may want to consider using ethernet over power adapters. The way they work is you plug an adapter into a power point near your main router. You then plug another adapter into another power point further away, possibly out of wireless range. All that's left now is to patch an ethernet cable from the main router to the first adapter and you will have a live internet point at the second adapter. Prices range from $20-$120 and can offer speeds up to 200mpbs.